Crysis 3: Hunter Edition The Pre-Order Bonus Revealed Germany has listed the Crysis 3: Hunter edition available for pre-order. The Hunter Edition is provided as an incentive to pre-ordered copies of Crysis 3 and is offered at no additional cost to the price of a standard new release title for $59.99. The Hunter Edition of Crysis 3 will include the Stalker Pack, and contains the following as provided on Germany:

Special Hunter Edition

Become the ultimate online Hunter: Get early access to the newtrademark of Crysis 3, the bow, plus bow-attachment of the “Hunter”for the nanosuit Module in the Crysis 3 multiplayer.

Multiplayer Startup Repair: Get Bonus XP to level 5 and the ability to unlock early your own load outs.

Individual style: Customize your loadout, receive a unique bow-skinand three exclusive dog tags with “Hunter” theme.

Note: Crysis 2 offered a similar online, jump to level 5 XP bonus. Which in turn was said to have provided more trouble than benefit. When the XP bonus was applied by entering a voucher code it would lead to an inaccurate account of your unlockables, and therefore the achievement/trophy tied to the unlockables would not unlock. Just an FYI if you care for such things.
Crysis 3 according to my Wiki, and Google search as of 4/17/2012, 10pm EST has the release date narrowed down to early spring 2013. See below the CryEngine 3 in action. The engine which will most likely be used for Crysis 3.
[jwplayer mediaid=”6196″]

Crysis 3 Teaser Trailer

[jwplayer mediaid=”6213″]



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