A Word With Travis Duggins. 12-03-2011


Angel Rivera (Reclusiveracer): Who is this gentleman we see in the image?

Travis Duggins: The guy in this image is a good friend of mine who just so happens to be a very popular Opera singer.

Angel Rivera (Reclusiveracer): What are those clothes he is wearing?

Travis Duggins: I don’t know anything about his costume. I have not seen this play.

Angel Rivera (Reclusiveracer): This image seems to have been given more attention than others. Was there a personal accomplishment you looked for when working on it?

Travis Duggins: My goal was to really pay attention to the lighting and the very subtle details. Like the candle. There are lots of tiny things going on with that thing. I tried to push my talent as far as I could with this painting. I still think this is one of my better paintings compared to my other work.

Angel Rivera (Reclusiveracer): Did you take any different approach when working on this image?

Travis Duggins: I took a slightly different approach to this image. I tried to really focus on the lighting. I learned about the reflective properties of light and how it can cause certain objects to glow. I really loved the lighting in this image. The reference photo was snagged from one of his performances called “Armida”. I think that’s the name lol.

Angel Rivera (Reclusiveracer): Did you enjoy working on this image, or did it take a toll on you to finish this image?

Travis Duggins: I did not enjoy working on this image at all LOL. But I sure did learn a lot from it. This painting definitely helped me become a better artist. Oh and my friend loved it too:-)

Angel Rivera (Reclusiveracer): Travis, you definitely have my sincere gratitude for sharing your work with me, as well as the site. As always thank you.

Travis Duggins: It is my pleasure. Thank you Angel.

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