Play Together For A Price $


Hello Happy Holidays to you all. Let me begin by thanking you for visiting the site. Now I bring to you the reason for my article.

Recently I signed into my Xbox Live account and after reading my messages I find two unusual messages. One is a text to all friends from player 1 talking about the recently added Gears 3 achievement “What does this button do”. This is the achievement for getting the 500 rocket kills with a silverback in Horde mode 2.0. Player 1 goes on to mention an upcoming patch for it. Apparently pre patch only 1 player in the party needed to have the kills, and everyone else could piggy back off the one.


(Example: Lets say you, 3 other gamers, and I were in the same horde 2.0 match. If you already have the achievement, then you would be the one to perform the 500 kills, because you would already have your silverback up to level 4, which is when the silverbacks rockets become available. Therefore all you would have to do is get 500 rocket kills, and everyone would get the achievement. Instead of everyone else having to get their silverback to level 4, and get the 500 rocket kills.)


Player 1 proceeds to mention how the patch will eliminate the piggy back system from working. Leading to every individual leveling up their own silverback to level 4, and performing their own 500 rocket kills to get recognized toward unlocking the achievement. Player 1 goes on to say that for a fee of 1600 Microsoft points he will help anyone acquire this achievement before the patch is applied disabling the piggy back system. This is the first of two unusual messages.

The second of the two unusual messages I received was sent by voice, and from player 2. The voice message was along the same lines as player 1s message. The difference was player 2 was advertising for player 1. Player 2 was getting the word out for player 1s offer of helping anyone with the “What does this button do” achievement in Gears 3.


Initially I shrugged it off and continued with gaming. Later I began to notice how the play together for a price mentality grew amongst said players and saw how far it went. Any game where an achievement was involved became fair game for them. Getting them together became like pulling teeth to get any of them together again like the good old times and play together just for the joy, and thrill of progressing together through the story or getting together in a game to complete particular goals, or just to enjoy eachothers company. Now I feel I’m entering into negotiations everytime I bring up doing co-op gaming, or any gaming involving the participation of said company.

Then there’s Player 3 who has played with me in a couple video games since, but Its not the same anymore. There is this unspoken sort of tension. Player 3 seems cautious about what is done during our play sessions, or how much time he invests in the play sessions like a business man managing his work, and personal life. Although it made me happy to see he hasn’t let the play together for a price mentality take him over, I can sense its presence lurking within him chiseling away at him, and how at conflict its made him about our play sessions.

My question to you the reader is, what are your opinions about play together for a price as explained in my email (I’m obviously against it)? If you put yourself in my shoes concerning this issue how would you approach said company about this new gaming habit play together for a price? Just in general could you guys give me your thoughts on this?


Thank you, and enjoy your holidays.


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