Gears of War 3 Challenge


If you plan on picking up Gears of War 3, then why don’t you join the 360voice Gears of War 3 Challenge? You can play Gears of War 3, refer your friends to the challenge, and win some cash.

I advise everyone to view the rules as we have special rules regarding usage of Silver accounts and go into detail regarding how to earn points for recruiting. All of the rules can be viewed by going here.

That’s right, not only can you win your share of $10,000 by unlocking achievements in Gears of War 3, but you can also earn part of the prize pool by recruiting others to join your Brotherhood. Once you create your Brotherhood, you may make the group public (open to everyone) or private (open to those whom know the password you set). Everyone, upon joining a Brotherhood, will receive a unique referral link with which you can recruit others to join you and get credit for their recruitment.

Every group will have a private message-board which can be used for strategy or just to coordinate times to get together for the co-op or multiplayer achievements.

Up to 40 Cogs can be in one Brotherhood and we only have 11 days left until Gears of War 3 is released and the scoring can begin, so get recruiting soldier!

Join the RTG Coterie Charter now, and united we will crush the Locust Horde into paste!

Pre-Order your copy from your preferred retailer today!
(List of retailers below)

Microsoft Store
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