A Word with Travis Duggins

ReclusiveRacer: We are treated today by returning guest Travis Duggins.

ReclusiveRacer: Welcome. Good to have you back.

Travis Duggins: Thank you. I’m glad to return.

ReclusiveRacer: Who is this women (actual person/fictional)?

Travis Duggins: I wanted to improve my skills at digital painting, so I painted a photo from Halotraction; a very talented photographer on deviantart.com

Click here to visit halotraction


ReclusiveRacer: Travis, could you help us understand the current feature image?

Travis Duggins: I painted this as a photo study.

Travis Duggins: I actually had a idea with a co worker that I would paint this one, and she would do a very similar rendition. It was something just to inspire each other.

ReclusiveRacer: How much time did she take you to get her to look as we see her now?

Travis Duggins: This painting took about 10-12 hours.

ReclusiveRacer: Is this one of your earlier works?

Travis Duggins: This was my second successful attempt at digital painting (Travis laughs). I learned quite a lot from this photo study.

ReclusiveRacer: Travis, thank you for your time and insight into the current feature image.

Travis Duggins: Your welcome. Anytime, and thank you.

For more Travis Duggins visit this site .


My Facebook Fan Page Art of Travis Duggins

Travis Duggins can be E-Mailed here.


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