Toy* Soldiers: Cold War

This Wednesday the 17th of August, Xbox Live will release as part of the Summer of Arcade, Toy Soldiers: Cold War. The Cold War ignites in this action/strategy game developed by Signal Studios and published by Microsoft Studios. Where the 80’s action toys come alive, and wage war!

20110814-061620.jpgSuperpowers collide in this playful homage to 80’s action toys and films.

In addition to Basic Training, there are a total of ten levels in the game’s Campaign. Each subsequent level is more challenging than the previous. The developers do a great job of providing the look, and feel to each level. It’s the epic play session you always wanted growing up during the 80’s. When you grabbed your favorite action figures, and set up the battle ground complete with battle scenario. This is the scale of how we all wished it could’ve been, but wasn’t. Until now. I love the smell of napalm in the morning (keep reading I explain about these war movie one liners).

The soldiers, the vehicles, the battle ground; everything is polished, seamless, and built to HD grade A Mattel specifications. The background for each level are the cherry on top of this nostalgia sunday. There is one background resembling the inside of what looks to be a hobby room with its own small personal bar, and arcade machine. Another where you’re in the back yard lawn of a house in the suburbs at night. The Campaign’s largely destructible environments cover a wide range of terrain. There are tropical forests, beach fronts; Foreign cities such as Berlin, and Paris. The Battle is also fought within Americas own back yard. Each level concludes in a boss battle of colossal proportions.


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