Batman: Arkham City (Batman Skins Revealed)


Hello all. Hope all is well. As I was going through my twitter feed, I spotted this little tid bit. Apparently Batman: Arkham City will have several Batman character skins made available to you. I will proceed to list them below.

#1. Batman: BEYOND!

20110801-075215.jpgNote: The all caps, and exclamation point is a nod to the IGN crew on podcast beyond.


#2. Circa 1970s Batman


#3. Batman: The Animated Series


#4. Arkham Asylum Batman


#5. Frank Miller’s Batman


#6. Batman: Earth One


Here they are all together. Like one big happy family.


What do you think? Kind of sweet, right? Well let’s make it taste bitter. Those skins are retailer exclusive. When I am informed of which skin is given by which retailer I will update this post. Till then, I suggest you pre-order from every retailer possible. I mean you were going to buy 6 copies of Batman: Arkham City anyway, right? Who doesn’t? Another way to go about this is wait until the Batman skins become available via DLC.




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