A Word With Travis Duggins

Angel A, Rivera (ReclusiveRacer): Let us begin with your introduction. Tell us your name, (first, and last), any other name you like to be known by, your location (city, and state), and occupation, or your artistic title (whichever you prefer).

Travis Duggins: My name is Travis Duggins, and I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m a Graphic Designer, and an Illustrator.

Angel A, Rivera (ReclusiveRacer): Travis If you can remember, tell me about the moment it all came together for you. The moment you knew, not only you liked digital art, but that you were good at it too. When you decided digital art is it for you.

Travis Duggins: I am a traditional artist by default. I started out Illustrating with pencils, inks and paint. I only recently got into digital illustration about 3 years ago. Digital painting seemed like it would be a more cost efficient investment. Pencils, art boards and paints can get expensive!

I have been illustrating since I was a child. I attended The Governors school for the Arts when I was in high school. I received my college degree from The Art institute of Atlanta. And I mentored under the phenomenal Comic artist Brian Steelfreeze. So yeah, Art has literally been my life.

So a few years ago I started to see a lot of phenomenal Digital Art online, and I figured I would give it a shot. Creating Digital art is a little different from traditional art. I had to get used to using a Wacom Tablet. It was kinda awkward at first (Travis laughs). In my opinion Digital art is much easier, and much more forgiving. There’s no undo command in real life (Travis Laughs some more).

So I have decided to see how far I can push my talents in Digital Painting.



Behind The Art Commentary

Angel A, Rivera (ReclusiveRacer): Travis tell us the motivation that lead to the featured art.

Travis Duggins: This was my entry into the contest called “Dreamscape” on cgsociety.org. I wanted to create a interesting concept with lots of character.

Angel A, Rivera (ReclusiveRacer): How did the image come about? The style you chose, and the characters in the image.

Travis Duggins: I had wanted to do some steam-punk art for a while, so I figured I could squeeze this idea into my piece. So I came up with a old Japanese dude welding a gold robot. The [old Japanese dude is a] Mad Steam Punk Scientist, and the Gold robot’s name is Jeffery (Travis laughs).

Angel A, Rivera (ReclusiveRacer): Anything else you would like to share with us? Please do.

Travis Duggins: Unfortunately i didn’t win the contest but i had fun making this piece.

Travis Duggins Plugged

Angel A, Rivera (ReclusiveRacer): Travis this is where you plug yourself. Where can your work be seen? Are there websites we can go to, and see your work? Can you be contacted, in regards to your art work?

Travis Duggins: Yes. There are a few. You can go to this site .


My Facebook Fan Page Art of Travis Duggins

I can be E-Mailed here.


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