Thundercats Are On The Move


ThunderCats are loose once again after more than 25 years.


A new animated series of ThunderCats is coming July, 29th to the Cartoon Network. I can’t wait! I loved the 1985 series of ThunderCats. If you’re not familiar I’m sure you can YouTube it, Wikipedia it, or if your too lazy to do any one of those options I’ll give you the skinny on the Thundercats of 1985.


ThunderCats are cat-like humanoid aliens from the planet of Thundera. Their planet dying, they decide to flee in search of a new planet they can call home. In the process they are attacked by the Thunderan enemy, The Mutants Of Plunn-Dar. The Mutants Of Plunn-Dar destroy most of the starships in the “Thunderfleet”, leaving the flagship unscathed in order to plunder, (get it? The Mutants Of Plunn-Dar.., oh forget it.) the vessel for the Sword Of Omens. The sword holds the Eye of Thundera, the source of the ThunderCats’ power, which is embedded in the hilt. As the pursuit continued, and the Mutants Of Plunn-Dar became ever closer to the ThunderCats flagship, the Mutants Of Plunn-Dar get driven away by the Eye of Thundera. The damage to the ship meant the journey to their original destination was not possible. Therefore having to journey to “Third Earth”. The travel will take longer than they had anticipated. Lion-O’s elderly guardian, Jaga, volunteers to pilot the ship while the others sleep in capsules; however, he dies of old age in the process, but not before ensuring they will reach their destination safely. The flagship contains the young Lord of the ThunderCats, Lion-O, as well as the ThunderCats Cheetara, Panthro, Tygra, WilyKit and WilyKat, and Snarf.

Above: Original 1985 ThunderCats characters.

Upon arrival to Third Earth, Lion-O awakens from his sleep in a capsule meant to stop the aging process, and realizes he had been slowly aging during his sleep in the capsule causing him to have the body of an adult, while remaining with the mind of a child. Together, the ThunderCats and the friendly natives of Third Earth construct the “Cat’s Lair,” their new home and headquarters, but before long, the Mutants have tracked them down to Third Earth. The intrusion of these two alien races upon the world does not go unnoticed. A demonic, mummified sorcerer, from Third Earth named Mumm-Ra, recruits the Mutants to aid him in his campaign to acquire the Eye of Thundera and destroy the ThunderCats so that his evil might continue to hold sway over Third Earth. Then the fun starts, and ThunderCats sees four seasons in all (not enough if you ask me).


This new Cartoon Network ThunderCats series looks promising. Be sure to watch its hour-long series premiere July, 29th. For further information click this link.





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