Hello Everyone


Me at PAX East 2011 with some of the IGN staff.

Hello everyone I’m Angel Rivera, Staff Writer/Event Reporter for RTG. You will come to know me as ReclusiveRacer. Whether that is on the site, Xbox Live (XBL), Playstation Network (PSN), Facebook, or Twitter.

Funny story about my handle ReclusiveRacer. At first ReclusiveRacer was just my gamer tag on Xbox Live (and has been for more than four years). It went on to be my email @yahoo, my PSN I.D, my Facebook username, my Twitter username, and finally my gmail. Here is what’s funny. I don’t like it. If you are wondering why I confirmed it as my gamer tag if I did not like it in the first place, here is why. I was tricked. Plain, and simple. I owned the original Xbox, but I never had online services. My first console online experience was with Xbox Live via the Xbox 360 while playing the launch title Project Gotham Racing 3 (My personal favorite PGR in the series).

It begins when I boot up PGR 3 with my 360 connected to the Internet for the first time. I get prompted to create a gamer profile. At no point during this process does it imply, suggest, or right out say that what I was creating was my gamer tag. This prompt only occurred once PGR 3 had booted up. It did not happen while in the dashboard. Leading me to believe that the gamer profile being created had to be for PGR3. So in the spirit of racing I created ReclusiveRacer. Reclusive, because I am for the most part reclusive, and racer simply because I was under the impression that this gamer profile I was creating was PGR 3 specific, and PGR 3 is a racing game.

**You have just read a portion of the full article. To read this article in it’s entirety go to RealTalkGaming.com, where the full article is published. Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoyed what you read.

Me at E3 2011, from left to right: Me, Ryan McCaffrey (OXM), and Andy Bowmen (OXM)

Me at PAX East 2011, from left to right: MagicalButton (my cousin Ramon), Eric-Xbox Live’s E, Me, Larry-Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, Laura-Xbox Live’s Lollip0p, and Steven-Xbox Live’s Stepto


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