E3 2011 Round Up

Hello all. Firstly I hope all is well with you (our readers), and our RTG community members when this article finds you. Okay now I get the bad out the way. I lost my laptop while over in L.A. covering E3. Yeah that sucks. Even the swag I had collected almost was lost. That however was recovered, yay. Let us move on to the good.

E3 was filled with great titles, hardware, and some unexpected activities. My first stop was to Sony Playstation. I sat down had some hands on with Resistance 3. I must mention that I have never had an interest in the Resistance series; however, I had fun demoing Resistance 3. It was the 3D version I demoed, and I am still not convinced that the current 3D tech I have been seeing in this most recent 3D craze is a completed tech.

I will say, there is a hint of benefit from having 3D added into games, from what I experienced in Resistance 3. When demoing Resistance 3 in 3D I noticed that it was a bit easier to target the enemies because they appeared to be in a 3D space.

I also like the variety with weapons. There was a pistol that seemed to fire bullets resembling plasma grenades from the Halo series, except they were not blue but yellow, and could be detonated with the secondary fire button. They also had an assault rifle that had a secondary fire that would project a transparent yellowish colored shield. It seemed that the shield would deflect oncoming enemy fire, yet allow your bullets through to your target.

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